What People Are Saying

People all across Oklahoma who know Clark Jolley, and his work for Oklahoma, have spoken out on his leadership, values and service to the state of Oklahoma.

"Clark's leadership and hard work have ensured that conservative reforms continue to be pursued at the state Capitol. This Edmond leader is one of the most effective senators for conservative Republican ideals in the entire state of Oklahoma."

Governor Mary Fallin

“Senator Jolley is 100 percent pro-life. He’s been a strong force for our values, helping protect the unborn with several key pieces of legislation.”

Tony Lauinger
Chairman of Oklahomans for Life

“Senator Clark Jolley has been a bold and effective legislative leader for education reform in Oklahoma. He has championed conservative policies that allow each student to achieve their God-given potential.”

Jeb Bush
43rd Governor of the State of Florida

“Senator Jolley is a friend to Edmond business and the Edmond community. He is a proven leader and effective legislator that has helped get things done on issues we care about."

Myron Pope
2011 Chairman of the Board
Edmond Chamber of Commerce

“Senator Clark Jolley has a proven record of advocating pro-growth policies and legislation. His deep understanding of what it takes to make a state prosperous is a great asset to the people of Oklahoma.”

Dr. Art Laffer
Architect of President Ronald Reagan’s tax cut

“I have known Senator Clark Jolley for over 23 years. In that time I have seen him in many diverse situations. He has always treated others with the utmost respect and kindness. His honesty and integrity are unquestionable. He is a man of his word and will always tell the truth, no matter how difficult. As our Senator, he has a conservative track record that speaks for itself. I appreciate his commitment to smaller government and less governmental control of our lives.”

Ken Surritte
Founder of Water is Life and local Christian leader

“Clark Jolley is a true fiscal conservative. He’s one of the brightest minds in the Senate, and he’s carving the size of government and consolidating state agencies.”

Ken Miller
State Treasurer

“Clark Jolley is a man of strong faith and impeccable character. He has made us proud, as an individual, a church leader, a family man, businessman and as our state Senator.”

Allen and Deedee Rice
Edmond educators

“As doctors, we have a strong interest in protecting our patients from the pitfalls of ObamaCare. Clark has been leading that fight. We are fortunate to have him advocating for market-based health care solutions that maintain the doctor-patient relationship.”

Drs. Scott and Kala Sigler
Edmond ophthalmologist and pediatrician

“No one more sincerely desires to make Oklahoma better for the next generation than Clark Jolley. Politics is not his passion; people are his passion. He represents our conservative values with integrity and the courage of his convictions.”

Dr. Jeff and Anita Berry
Edmond anesthesiologist

“Too often, government becomes a primary obstacle to business success. Sen. Jolley has done a good job pushing state government out of the way, so that government can become more of a facilitator and less of a barrier.”

Jamey Mullin
Owner Hi-Tech Plumbing and Leak Detect